Portfolio Update

Published December 01st 2009
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I’ve added some new designs to the Portfolio section. These include a new Rachel Stevens layout and a new section for some blog layouts I’ve made recently.

Click on the thumbnails below to view either sections:

Java Concepts

Published November 23rd 2009
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These are some definitions from college. They’re probably some of the harder ones so by posting them here even I might understand them better by reading them.

Cast: A cast changes the type of an expression without changing the value of the expression.

Expression: Something that has a value – to obtain the value, you evaluate the expression.

Dynamic Binding: The method that is bound to a call is selected at runtime on the basis of the dynamic type of the variable.

Calling Methods: If there is no explicit receiver, the receiver is implicitly “this”.

Some Java Projects

Published November 22nd 2009
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I haven’t updated this in ages. I got really bored of website stuff for a while. Anyway I thought I’d upload some of my Java projects from college. Only download them if you have Eclipse or know how to run Java projects in command prompt.

This first one is the last project I did in first year. It was made in Blue J so it had no Main method so I added one in. It’s a really boring game called Zuul where you have to move around rooms and pick up items to win the game:


This next one is my first Algorithms assignment from this year. It’s just a college of students stored in a linked list instead of a pre-written data structure:


New Rachel Layout

Published November 22nd 2009
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I added this layout to Rachel Stevens Net over a month ago and didn’t add it to the portfolio until now. I really liked this layout because it’s very different to anything I’ve made before:

I also gave away Rachel Stevens Net as I didn’t have time for it with college.

If Homepage Statement

Published September 16th 2009
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In PHP you can use an If Statement to display something on your homepage but something different on the rest of your pages. The search box on Let-Go.net is only displayed only on the homepage but not elsewhere on the site. Below is the code used to do this:

if ($uri == "/") {
echo "This is the homepage";
} else {
echo "This is not the homepage";

You can change the echos to a line of code or replace them with a PHP include.